Water-Based Surgical Skin Degreaser Plus

MS-4000 Reducing oily skin

MS-4000 Skin Degreaser Plus is a water-based cleaning solution optimized for pre-operative cleaning of perspiration and oily skin in the medical industry. This powerful, next-generation formulation is non-irritating and provides superior skin cleaning and impurity removal without the need for rinsing or harsh rubbing. Ideally suited for pre-operative surgical skin degreasing that requires nonflammable, yet highly effective skin degreasing. MS-4000 quickly prepares skin surface for attachment of adhesive EKG electrodes or other hospital tasks requiring clean, oil-free skin. Having no odor, ultra-low VOC and nonflammability, MS-4000 is an ideal replacement for the flammable solvent-based skin cleaners such as: acetone, ether, and isopropyl alcohol wipes.

Key Benefits & Characteristics

  • Nonflammable formulation, Water-based
  • Single use
  • Zero odor; Ultra-low VOC
  • Fast Evaporation
  • Highly effective skin cleaning
  • No rinsing or harsh rubbing required
  • Rapidly cleans away perspiration, oils, and skin impurities
  • Provides secure adhesion of EKG electrodes, surgical drapes, etc.


  • EKG Electrodes
  • Used for Foley Catheter site stabilization
  • Cleaning around Stoma site
  • For complex surgical draping
  • Stabilization of any critical or non-critical medical devices or equipment

Typical application and usage procedure

  • 1. Apply onto a cloth pad or 4x4
  • 2. Hold pad or 4x4 firmly on skin before wiping lightly.
  • 3. Remove the pad to reveal clean, oil-free skin. No rinsing necessary.
  • 4. Go back over area with a dry pad if needed.
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