Medical PTFE Coatings

Miller-Stephenson’s world class chemistry department and fluoropolymer coatings provide the most advanced, diversified, forward looking coatings on the market. We have the ability to separate and distinguish ourselves by offering our next-generation water-based coatings that are exceptionally robust, lot-to-lot consistent PTFE coatings that adhere to nitinol, stainless steel, copper and other substrate alloys. These specialty alloys can be coated and encapsulated with our formulated one coat, low bake coatings that offer exceptional surface characteristics while providing unmatched lubricity, adhesion, durability, and reliability for all vascular guide wires, catheter mandrels, cautery electrode tips and many more.

Coatings Available

Miller-Stephenson Medical offers a wide array of coatings for all your application needs.

In-House Design & Fabrication

With two manufacturing facilities that are both ISO certified, they advocate our goal of maintaining a quality system of the highest possible standard for our customers. We offer the coating expertise and technology of the most highly regarded coating services in the Unites States.

Coating Solutions

Medical coatings that deliver the highest quality, adhesion and durability in the industry.

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